Everyone is talking about the New Normal. You could be teetering and still huffing and puffing, and complaining about how you wish all this to be over and done with so that you can get back to your normal activities,  to your old self. Or perhaps you are still telling yourself that as a responsible and socially active adult, you will everyday and that means every 10 to 15 minutes, read all the updates forwarded to you by friends, colleagues, relatives  – never mind if they have appeared in your mobile, laptop or desktop screen for at least five to 6 times in an hour (yes, this has happened to me), and then you feel you must repost to your other groups because you secretly want the scoop to have come from you (no, I do not repost, thank you).  And then maybe, too, after week 5 you’ve decided at last that more than half of those you have reposted were in fact fake news, unverified numbers, and only opinions of people whose opinions don’t really count and  so you have now chosen to just pay more attention to jokes, quotes, memes and youtube tutorials.

      And then. The favorite 2 words on everyone’s lips: NEW NORMAL.   Meaning, NEW as we all know and understand the word NEW, now holding hands with an acceptable and hopefully embraceable NORMAL.   It is time to pick ourselves up , shake off the dust, stretch, warm up and flex our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual muscles because our tomorrows are now cranked up and ready to begin.  

     And so here are five things I’ve worked on to help me adjust and look forward to what is to come.

  1. REWIND, REFLECT and REVIEW.  Start by having the prequel state of mind. Like those movie franchises we have all been enjoying, the movie producers almost always come up with a prequel, a flashback of sorts, to explain clearly to us where everything actually started.  And so find yourself a quiet place, a quiet time to look back. Perhaps, you will enjoy looking at old photos, go through some old journals, logbooks, or anything.  Start with something you can actually hold and make you smile. When you REWIND and REVIEW, you remember. And you will be able to see your present in a different light. “Aaaah” you will say to yourself, “Now I remember this person and what he or she said to me” And you will give credit where credit is due, and perhaps understanding when lessons had to be learned. You can start a journal to write your musings to help you put some pieces together.
  2. REALIZE, RELEASE and RESOLVE.  Life, as we knew it, was rudely interrupted.  It was like those old loud alarm clocks screaming at our ears, making our eyes pop out with a sudden unprepared wakefulness, because it is time, so the alarm says, for us to get up and do what has to be done. We REALIZE we are responsible and not entitled, we RELEASE ourselves from a kind of sleepiness that unknowingly weighed us down and now RESOLVE to put ourselves back on the road — kinder, wiser, trusting and more understanding.
  3. REINVENT, REPLACE AND RESET.  This has all happened before.  But it was all just “history” for us.  Stories we read in our history books, we watched in movies, or recounts of our grandparents and parents.  It is annoying because this time, we are here to experience and be part of the history that is being written. And so we accept the evolution. The change.  We need now to REINVENT ourselves, REPLACE the bad and make room for improvement and RESET our minds to get these changes going.
  4. RESTART, RECLAIM and REJOICE.  Once we have put into place the positive changes within and without, we can safely RESTART our lives, RECLAIM our energies and REJOICE with our loved ones and those we work and will work with.
  5. RE-LIVE. For that is what is meant to be.  After we have learned, we will RE-LIVE, more meaningfully, with purpose and with gratitude.




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